In a world where Instagram often encourages a rigid, grid-based approach to sharing our lives, I embarked on a creative journey to defy convention. The result? A unique style of feed known as a 'puzzle or collage feed.'
This evolving mosaic is a reflection of my life's journey, an ever-expanding canvas that evolves with each passing event, travel, or new experience. Rather than confining my story to rigid squares, I divide each section of this mosaic into carefully crafted segments that seamlessly come together in my Instagram feed.
But this project isn't just about aesthetics; it's about creative storytelling. I embrace the latest features Instagram offers, always ensuring that, even as I explore new content avenues, the integrity of the unified mosaic remains intact. It exemplifies how creativity can push the boundaries of social media norms, crafting a more comprehensive and visually captivating narrative.
Hop on over to my Instagram feed @jorgefire to see this project in action.

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