In collaboration with the musical ensemble Porter, facilitated by a dedicated representative, I assumed the pivotal roles of Art Director and Photo Editor for their recent auditory creation, "Sonámbulo." This venture delved deep into the metaphoric tapestry of the song, where reality and fiction intertwine in a dystopian dance.
With a carefully curated team of creatives, we embarked on a journey to encapsulate the song's enigmatic essence. Inspired by the hues of the album, the thematic layers, and the haunting introspection of the track, we conceptualized a series of photographs that echoed the very soul of "Sonámbulo." These visuals seamlessly harmonized with the song's cinematic music video, encapsulating its emotions and narrative with an avant-garde visual narrative.
Our dedication garnered the attention of Porter, who, through our intermediary, showcased our collaborative effort across their digital platforms and community.
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